la croix is the new black . . .

is it just me, or is everyone obsessed, obsessed with la croix? and by everyone, I mean me. and, also, they stack it up in the aisle of the grocery store like they do bread and milk on days when we are expecting snow because there is just not enough space on the shelf for all the la croix that will be sold before the mid-week restocking.

and, it really is like my black [insert name of your favorite clothing item here]. it’s a “go to” on days when my fat jeans don’t fit, it immediately makes me feel skinnier, and it really does go with anything.

with spring break around the corner, I can feel my addiction interest growing as if by drinking more la croix, wearing my swimsuit will miraculously become some copacetic event and not the torture I know it to be.

to la croix: may you drink it in good health and may you find your swimsuit a tad loose this year!


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