excuse me for being a little mushy…

i love my friends. i’ve been blessed my entire life with wonderful friends throughout all stages of my life… the friends you made when your mom took you to playgroup, to friends you got in trouble with for staying out past curfew, to  friends you made in college who like you loved late night food runs, to friends you have the first time you truly were on your own, to friends you have because your children were friends, to friends who are just friends just because.

i’m the first to admit that i do not do enough to tell these women how much they have meant to me. you know, we are all so busy with our families, our work, going to the grocery store, taking our children to one activity to another, the list is endless. recently kari kampakis wrote an article about friends and how important they are. now not for one minute neither she or i are saying that friends come before everything else but i think what she was saying is that friends need to be nurtured and not pushed to the side til you aren’t so busy (because let me tell you, that is not going to happen)

my mom has a great group of friends she met when she first moved to mobile (she’ll kill me if i tell you how long ago). she has been a role model in demonstrating how important friends are. i’m going to keep trying to nurture my friendships. one of my resolutions in 2014 was to touch base with at least one friend once a week. some weeks i fail and so i pick myself up and keep trying because i know when i have that contact with my friends i feel better and therefore everyone around me feels better. the saying if momma ain’t happy, no one is happy rings true.

this picture was taken last year in atlanta at the bon jovi concert. i remember being almost tearful because i was grateful to be with some wonderful women who have enriched my life plus not to mention that we had so much fun! but you know what, it doesn’t take a girl’s night out of town to care for these friendships, all it takes is a phone call, a quick bite to eat or even just a walk around the block. so forgive me that i got a little mushy on you today, back to regular programming tomorrow.



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