i’m married to a rock star…yes me

did you know that i’m married to rock star. my husband, brent, is in the band brent thompson overdrive (bto for short) and he and his band mates rock it out. he and his friend tommy terrell have been playing for longer than either one wants to admit.  their friend kevin taterek joined the band and now along with a key board player and a drummer, you have a bona fide rock band.

if you’ve been down dexter avenue any of the last few halloweens you’ve seen them play at the annual neighborhood party where they play all of the songs that we grew up with. the neighbors, young and old, love the band

tomorrow night they will be at oteys in crestline village where they have promised an awesome show and even told me that they would play some bon jovi songs for my entertainment. come join me. the garage doors will be open and you can see for yourself that i’m married to a rock star.


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