5 great. . . beach bags

we are getting ready for spring break here at stylebriefs.  for those of you headed some place warm, here are five great beach bags that have great price tags, too.  my beach bags can get a little nappy after a couple of years with all the sand and sunscreen and wet goggles–i think it is time to re-up.  the club monaco madagascar tote is my fave, made of woven grass and leather handles.  imagine how great this will look all summer when you throw it over your shoulder with a pair of white capri jeans, a white sleeveless t, and some cool sandals . . .  i think the nor’easter would look super chic with a circle monogram in a contrasting color.  (consider taking it to local sewing shop and selecting your own monogram –the ones offered in-house at llbean leave something to be desired).  anyway, soooooo excited to at least be thinking about these things again even if spring is not quite here!

j.crew market tote, $49.50 (25% off with code HAPPYSHOPPING ends soon)

j.crew market tote, $49.50 (25% off with code HAPPYSHOPPING ends soon)

you know what you need to go with that bag, don’t you? a fab pair of ray ban aviators!!! don’t forget about stylebriefs ray ban aviator giveaway!  for a chance to win, you must follow our stylebriefs blog at www.stylebriefs.com, by entering your email address in the “follow” box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, if you are using a laptop, desktop, or iPad, OR, if you are viewing this on your smartphone, just keep scrolling down and click the “follow” button and enter your email there.  the deadline to enter is midnight on march 28.  come on!  what are you waiting for?


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