fringe…and i’m not talking about your bangs

fringe is everywhere and it can make a blah outfit a wow! I wore this simple black sweater and jeans out Saturday night but paired it with this fringe vest. Lots of compliments and it was so simple but it turned a just fine outfit into a yozya (that’s a real word by the way)outfit

but it is not just a vest. this purse from barneys is fabulous and these booties by koolabura which can be found at swank atlanta …who can resist. uh oh my credit card is starting to smoke.

but remember a little goes a long way. there is a reason they call it a statement piece but too many “statements” will actually turn that wow! outfit into something you could wear to the circus





  1. betsy pennington says

    Love the fringe!! Also love this website! So fun and full of great information from my stylish friend!

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