5 great . . . hats for the pool or beach

i feel like nothing ages me more than wearing a hat in the sun by the pool or beach.  twenty-somethings just do NOT wear wide-brimmed hats in the sun . . . or do they?????  when researching this post, the photos below of rockstars and movie stars alike have totally inspired me to rock my panama with confidence!!!  i pulled together five great panama hat options so all pocketbooks can get a piece of the action.

so grab your hat and slather on your 60 spf face sunscreen and work it, girl! #springbreak #killingit

beyoncé, charlise theron, rihanna

Beyoncé, Charlise Theron, Rihanna

jessica alba, alessandra ambroso, eva longoria

jessica Alba, alessandra ambroso, eva longoria

looks like eva l. knows that a pair of ray ban aviators MAKE the hat. . . .  don’t forget about stylebriefs ray ban aviator giveaway!  for a chance to win follow stylebriefs  by clicking here and then clicking the “follow” box in the bottom right-hand corner.  OR, if you are viewing this on your smartphone, just keep scrolling down and click the “follow” button and enter your email there.  the deadline to enter is midnight on march 28.  come on!  what are you waiting for?

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