margaritas or hot chocolate

margaritait will officially be spring break here in the ‘ham at 2:50 cst but who’s counting down…i think everyone needs a break about this time (i know you are thinking but didn’t your kids miss 6 days of school already because of the snow. well yes but that is totally different; that’s survival mode, this is a true break)

the city pretty much shuts down during this week whether you travel or stay at home which leads me to the title. will you be drinking hot chocolate or margaritas on your break. the majority of people do travel during spring break to either the snow for skiing or to the beaches for sun. we are the latter. my family does not handle the cold weather very well. someday i will tell the story of how the fire alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning (does it ever go off during the day) during a driving snow storm this year and i had three firemen, my husband, daughter, dogs and in laws all at the house trying to turn the #$% off. so needless to say we will drinking margaritas this week. but wherever you go (or if you stay) be safe, enjoy the time with your family and have a great spring break. caroline and i will be posting away this next week from our location sharing our thoughts, ideas and what we see when we are out and about but for all of my snow bunnies share your thoughts and pictures. we would love to hear from you too.

remember to sign up to follow our blog. we will be drawing one lucky winner this next week for those aviator sunglasses and you know you will want them when you lose that pair on your break.


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