there is life after laura ashley: learning to love fashion and myself after the ’80s


so this photo came back into my life with an abrupt, jarring text from my sister.  that is me on the left, my sister, tay, on the right; we are with some of our best friends from childhood.  the photo was taken at a wedding brunch in about 1989 (smack in the middle of my freshman year).

so, i’ve taken a hard look at this picture and asked myself what went wrong here and (maybe the same question asked differently) what have i learned about fashion and life since this picture was taken?  here are some things I think the last 25 years have taught me:

  1.  know your figure (don’t wear puff sleeves if you yearn for a slender silhouette);
  2.  don’t be a slave to the trends (or just because laura ashley makes a flocked floral, puff-sleeved dress doesn’t mean it looks good on you);

  3. if you must be a slave to the trends, also be a slave to the tailor (my dress has got some serious sloppy goin’ on);

  4. it’s best to let others stand in the front in a group picture (i think that one speaks for itself);

  5. turn slightly to one side when posing for a group picture (for a perfect example, see tay);

  6.  if you yearn for a more slender silhouette, lay off the carbs!!!!; and finally

  7. don’t let your past keep you from your full potential. own it and move on!

can I get a shout out from my other homey-fashionistas who rolled laura ashley-style back in the day?

(thank you, kyle, for the great title!)


  1. Samantha says

    8. If you yearn for blonde highlights, save your babysitting money & leave hair color to the professionals.

    9. Always grasp your cocktail with both hands. It might escape otherwise, and that would be tragic.

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