rain rain go away unless…you have a fabulous trench to wear

rain, to me, makes everything hard. i hate carrying an umbrella. i can never decide if it is worth the trouble to open it up or run the few steps to get out of the rain. add trying to get groceries our a child out of the car and you’ve got the recipe for a foul mood. but this year, i’ve seen some great trench coats which makes me beg our local meteorologist to bring on the rain. what about this sleeveless trench. how fabulous is it. the color and how about the price. wow! it can get so hot and then you add a rain coat, ugh but this sleeveless version solves those problems. here’s another one. the price point isn’t as good but it is by vince which means it will stand the test of time. so ditch that umbrella and grab that trench

april showers brings may flowers and with a new trench, i can’t wait.




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