who ya hiding from

imagei keep seeing camouflage. i’m the first to admit that 1) that i thought this trend would die after the fall and 2) that i bought a pair of camouflage jeans this past fall so i could attempt to be hip. i recently put them away but from some of the magazines that i’ve picked up lately this trend seems to be sticking around for a little while longer and i’m going to bring them back out.

now as we have said before, when you are dealing with a trend such as this, a little goes a long way. don’t go looking like you are going hunting in the city. you will get some funny looks. click on this link to see a bridesmaids look. seriously?

i bought my camouflage jeans from the gap (another thought when it comes to trends, don’t spend a lot of money) and i paired them this fall with a pair of booties and a simple sweater. since this trend is heading into warmer months, i’ll just now pair them with a pair of wedges and a white t-shirt.

but it doesn’t have to be just jeans, i’ve seen purses, shoes…you really could go crazy with camo. when wearing camouflage be forewarned that some people may look at you a little strangely (like where’s your gun and are you heading out to the woods) but others, like me, will know you’ve just been reading stylebriefs. see ya out there

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