imageimagekeep. it. simple. stupid. i must say this to myself ten times a day. it is the truth. the simpler i keep things, the happier i am. this saying runs true in all aspects of my life. do you plan a dinner party and then run around all day trying to make your house perfect and cooking the most fabulous meal in an effort to impress your friends. what did you remember about that dinner party. probably nothing, you were too tired from running around. the times i’ve had the most fun with friends is when we ordered a pizza and sat around and laughed at the pile of the laundry waiting to be folded. that’s keeping it simple.

that is why i love a simple white blouse paired with a black skirt or a pair of pants. there are lots of different choices (see these examples from equipment, vince, theory) but what they all have on common is that they are well made and simple so that you will shine through and you won’t be so tired from running around trying to figure out what to wear. so the next time you are agonizing about what to wear go grab that white blouse, a pair of jeans and then go spend all that time you saved by calling up some friends for a glass of wine and some pizza

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