can we talk about sarah jessica parker’s shoes for a minute

oh my goodness, are these shoes beautiful? sarah jessica parker has just released her own shoe line at nordstrom. who hasn’t watched sex in the city and idolized carrie bradshaw shoes? come on, admit it. i loved her fashion on the show  and every time she walked in with another manolo blahnik  shopping bag, i couldn’t wait to see what she pulled out. and who totally sympathized with her when she went to the baby shower and they made her take off her jimmy choo shoes at the door and they were stolen (it wasn’t me). now we get to have the carrie bradshaw experience without the manolo or jimmy prices.

now admittedly the price point is higher than what you are going to find at a department store but they are well made. sjp worked in collaboration with the ceo of manolo blahnik. these shoes are for when the only thing that will cheer you up is either a gallon of ice cream or a new pair of shoes.
seriously, i’ve found over the years that if i can invest in a couple of special pieces then the rest of the outfit is much easier to bring together. nordstrom has a preview of sjp fall shoes and my feet are starting to do a happy dance thinking about them. now the hard part…which ones to choose



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