how can something so simple be so hard

we love receiving blog ideas. recently i received a request to discuss the white t-shirt. easy, i thought. that’s a no brainer. um… no, it is really hard. but i’ve done some research (yes that’s my credit card smokin).
first let me tell you what elements are important to me when thinking about the perfect white t-shirt. the fabric; i hate to sound like goldlilocks but some are too thin, some are too thick and it took some research to find the perfect feel. i love this jcrew t-shirt. it feels just right to me and i can buy a few of them so when they start to yellow i don’t feel badly throwing it into my “yard work clothing pile”. now you are going to have to wear a camisole with it because no one wants to see your bra. another favorite of mine and the right price point is this one from gap. make sure you get the essential tee. it is a little thicker than the jcrew shirt but still does the trick. both of these also fit true to size and hit me right at the waist so i can tuck or untuck and i don’t look disheveled.
getting a little more expensive you have this one from splendid. again it is the feel of the fabric and that it isn’t too clingy. now the other thing that bugs me is if the sleeves are too short. i’m buying a short sleeve t-shirt, not a sleeveless one. there is this one from rag and bone. admittedly it is a more expensive, so be careful and take care of it. but you should check out the way it feels and looks and feels as goldlilocks would say,”it is just right.”
finally let me say two things. first, these are our own opinions. we are too new to be paid by anyone(but if some day someone wants to pay us that’s great but won’t change the fact that we are going to give it to you straight) second, a couple of pointers of keeping whites white in the words of my friend, heather, is to soak, soak, soak, preferably in oxyclean. the stuff is magic. so go forth and buy a white t-shirt and send me your thoughts. i would love to hear what you think and if you’ve found the perfect t-shirt.






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