bombs away…

I’ve been trying like crazy to brainstorm on how to look “springlike” without freezing my tushy off. the bomber jacket is my answer. but like the blazer it’s a great piece even when the weather is warm. you know when the temps rise and the apparent need to then lower the thermostat. haven’t we had enough cold weather.
i got on the bomber jacket craze last year. i saw in a blog the cutest bomber jacket and knew i had to try it. i get compliments all the time when i wear it. it offers that jenaseqoius that we all want. i also feel really cool. plus who doesn’t remember top gun with tom cruise rockin the bomber jacket.
recently allure magazine had an article with four looks for the bomber jacket. go check it out here. so many ways to incorporate this look. plus with this look being hot that means that there off knockoffs wherever you look. so if you want to try it but a little timid go check out one of these, or these. add some wow factor without breaking the bank.



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