do you really want to see my belly

so the cropped top is in and i’m so on the fence. every time i see it in the magazines, i think that looks amazing but do i think i could carry off. caroline says we can. she keeps saying why do we keep going to pure barre if we aren’t going to show all the hard work we’ve put in….well because i’m not sure that i’m that cool.

but if i’m going to jump off this diving board, a few things i’ve noticed. first, a high waisted skirt or pant because if you are going to show your abs it should really be just a hint. you’re not going to the pool but out to a party for goodness sake. second, keep the colors monochromatic; no prints. you don’t want it to be too distracting.

so in saying all that, i’m still not sure that’s one of my looks. but if you see me out and i’m wearing the cropped top you’ll know that i got pushed off the diving board into the deep end.


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