where the wild things are

animal prints…most people either love them or hate them. some people really love them. but when it’s done right it can look amazing. you know i’m all about wearing a simple outfit and then adding that wow factor to bring it to the next level. animal prints can do that. i have a animal print bomber jacket that i wear over a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans for going out or a skirt for a casual day at the office. bam! i’m done. in the winter time, i have an animal print shirt that i put under a black sweater and walk out the door.

the trick with an animal print is to treat it like it is an accessory. a little goes a long way but it can certainly take you far. i think the next thing i’m going to try are these espadrilles. i think with a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt and you could go almost anywhere.

now one thing i’m not sure about is wearing an animal print dress. but this weekend my daughter and i traveled  downtown to birmingham fashion week and on the runway were these dresses from show me your mumu. the models, of course, looked amazing, but i’m not sure i could carry it off but never say never, right?

ps, if you live near birmingham put birmingham fashion week on your calendar. it was started four years ago and has grown every year. it is a week long event where emerging fashion designers and ones you’ve read about in the magazines come together to create an amazing runway show. it is professionally done and you feel like you are in new york.


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