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so i’m catching up on all my magazines and i notice that denim has a new look, the splash paint method and it’s not just limited to denim. it’s on everything, skirts, shoes and even a purse. what amazes me is how much it costs. i feel like i created that look every time i was in art class growing up and it wasn’t as appreciated at home as much as it appears it would be now. (do is sound like our parents)

so i’ve done a little research and let me suggest a rainy day project for that old pair of jeans you are thinking about getting rid of and let’s see if we can breathe some new life into them. as they say nothing ventured, nothing gained.

what you need

1. Cardboard or newspaper (enough to make a work area that’s approximately 3′ x 5′)

2. Fabric paint (about 8oz in two colors, black and white are two good ones to start with)

3. 2 cups or containers that are large enough to fit your hands

4. Disposable rubber gloves

5. an old pair of jeans (preferably a lighter pair)

easy steps

1. lay out your work area. you will want enough newspaper or cardboard to cover at least a 3×5 work area

2. lay jeans face up on the work area

3.  Pour an ample amount of each paint color into separate containers. Again, you need to make sure each container is large enough to fit your entire hand.

4. Start with one color and dip your hand into the cup. To avoid dripping, tap your hand on the side of the cup. Create a fist, and then quickly open it to flick the paint onto the jeans. If you want a thicker splatter, keep your hand close to the jeans and flick from side to side. If you want a lighter splatter, bring your hand up higher. (Keep in mind that you don’t want to mirror image the legs—the composition is best when irregular.)

5. Let the paint dry for at least one hour before adding another color.

6. Wait at least one hour between flipping the jeans over and repeat the above steps

Wash Instructions: flip the garment inside out, wash in cold water, and hang dry. You can also hand wash and hang dry.



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