i encourage you to wear snake skin

peta be damned. wear that snake skin. that means there is one less snake to give me the heeby geebys. and before you go they can be good for the environment and important to nature etc….i don’t care. seriously, did you see this on the news. i promise they would have had to pick me up off the ground if i had seen this in my bathroom. i hate snakes and every time i see someone wearing a snake skin shoe or carrying a snake skin clutch, i applaud. besides the snake skin accessory is beautiful. but did you notice that i said accessory? please don’t go overboard. no one wants to see you covered from head to toe in snake skin.
a snake skin accessory can add a richness to an outfit without the exorbiant cost.this is definitely one area where you can go high on the hog or just spend a few dollars and still look spectacular. so go dress up that outfit with some fabulous snake skin shoes or throw your credit card and lipstick in that wonderful clutch and lets celebrate that there is one less snake in the world.

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