cos célèbre . . .

a new label keeps popping up everywhere. featured this month in instyle and vogue, “cos” (collection of style) is the modern, somewhat-architectural, higher-quality, younger daughter of parent, anglo-swedish retailer, h&m. got that? previously, only available in europe, cos has apparently been a secret of the fashion set for a while. now available in the u.s. on-line, cos also recently opened it’s first u.s. storefront in nyc. from the articles, i have learned that what makes cos so great is the pieces it offers provide exceptional quality (in both design and fabrication) for the budget retail space they occupy. according to one vogue interviewee, “Nobody can afford to wear head-to-toe Céline everyday, and these are pieces you can blend in with designer pieces.” sounds like we just wandered smack into my sweet spot!

wait. back it up. what do the clothes look like?
me too. that’s EXACTLY what I was wondering. the website is now live for u.s. shoppers at and guess what? if you give them your email address, you will be able to use the code HELLOAMERICA to receive a 25% discount on your first purchase. and shipping is free until June 30. sweet!

so, here’s the catch: the coolest pieces have sold out — vanished — in the week that I have been working on this post. it is an on-line, virtual stampede that I can only liken to the former barney’s warehouse sale (which I can really only liken to wal-mart on thanksgiving. don’t ask). so, below, i have included the instyle and vogue features and a few pieces that are cool, but not as cool as the other stuff that is not there anymore. aren’t you glad you read this post?

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