to pleat or not to pleat…that is the question

so the pleated skirt is back. for those in your 40’s you remember wearing the pleated skirt growing up. we didn’t worry about looking hippy, now not so much. therefore when i saw the pleated skirt i wasn’t too fired up. but the modern pleated skirt isn’t anything like what we wore (see caroline’s laura ashley post for flashbacks). the modern pleated skirt has tight pleats and my favorite skirts have a drop and then start to pleat taking away that hippy worry.
now how to wear it. if you pleat on the bottom, then keep it simple on the bottom and vice versa. if you wear pleats on the top then simple on the bottom. i haven’t really mention pleats anywhere else but they are showing up everywhere, dresses, tops and purses so if you are like me and a little self conscious about your hips embrace this trend on another part of your body. trends are supposed to be fun so don’t get sucked into wearing it how the magazines tell us how to; wear them the way that makes you feel good. that’s a trend you can embrace.







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