white out or white in? ? ?

my manicurist talked me into bright white nails for a high voltage blast of summer.  i’m pretty sure it looks like i have painted my fingernails with white out.  or maybe i look like i am trying too hard to fit in with the kewl kids.  or maaaayyyybeee . . . they look pretty awesome.  i am pretty sure it is one of the three.  the great thing is this very bold decision is very temporary.  so, whatevs, right?

another decision my manicurist made for me is to keep my nails cut short.  this one has been liberating for sure.  it’s practical, it’s hip, all the kids are doing it. . . . i do wonder if the short cut doesn’t make my fingers look stubby.  also, do my nails look like a spread of the least favored of chick-lets — the white chick-let?

what do you think?  white out or white in???

rockin' the whities byt he pool over memorial day.  have i mentioned that i am crazy for lacroix?

rockin’ the whities by the pool over memorial day. have i mentioned that i am crazy for lacroix?

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  1. kimpcole says

    I like them! I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to try white nails myself – the closest I’ve come is pale baby blue 🙂

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