go ahead and cuff me

i love a simple cuff but the perfect one can be very hard to find. i have small wrists  which it makes it  harder to find a cuff that doesn’t make me look like Wonder Woman because i’m having to wear it so high on my arm  it won’t slide down.

but when you find the right cuff it can change a whole outfit. especially as the weather starts to warm and our sleeves start to roll up we need a little arm candy. when deciding on a cuff i suggest do a simple gold or silver. you can have either a thin cuff or a thick cuff. i prefer the thick cuff. you know the saying…go big or go home.

a cuff, by its very nature, is a statement because it is bold so you don’t want a lot of stuff on it. ie a lot of bling. also when wearing a bold cuff you don’t need a lot of other jewelry to clash. for example, you don’t want to cuff it up and then layer a bunch of necklaces. that is too close together but i can see a big gold earring and a cuff. there is enough distant between the two pieces to make it work.

so go ahead…cuff me






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