a real corker . . .

this shoe had me at “hello.” when I first saw it on the chloe spring/summer 2014 runway last fall, i knew it would be mine.


i waited patiently, watching.  first, the black version in late-march. tempting, but i have too many black sandals, to begin with.  finally, finally, in late april, they appeared. quickly, i made my order.  shortly, i received confirmation and a note that notice of shipment would soon follow.  and then . . . nothing.  for two and a half weeks i waited.  and waited. . . . finally, finally notice and, then, five days later the box appeared.  with delight, i slit the packing tape.  with delight, i pulled the shoe box from the shipping box.  with delight, i pulled a pair of shoes from the box that was . . . not the chloe camille wedge that i ordered . . . at all.  how is it possible????

okay, NBD – just correct through customer service, right?  wrong!  in the excruciating amount of time it took for neimans the retailer to mail me the admittedly wrong pair of shoes, EVERY . . . SINGLE . . . PAIR of the chloe camille wedge sold out online and in stores.  i did not think this was possible.  seriously, what is the deal, people? (and, seriously, I have doubts about the “oops!” by the retailer . . . ).

seeing this as a challenge, i dropped back and formulated Plan B and C and D. first, i called around to stores. next, i went to atlanta to see for myself. at last, was there a knock off close enough to satisfy?  after all, it wasn’t the label that had me at hello.  it was the perfect pitch of the shoe.

luckily, yes!  there was one – just one – that had used the camille wedge for inspiration.  thank you!  thank you sam edelman and www.shopbop.com for filling the gap. whew!

why am I so crazy for this shoe (and, everyone else for that matter)?  first, the height and the pitch mean a bit of a lift to lengthen the leg but comfortable, still.  second, the cork wedge and the 2.75″ height insure they are relaxed enough to not come off like I am trying too hard when I wear them with shorts (a real threat when you wear heels with shorts. you can do it, but it has the potential to be disasterous).  and, finally, the tan color ensures legs for miles.  don’t believe me? try a nude sandal with a skirt or shorts and tell me i am wrong.

if anyone out there finds the original chloe camille in size 6.5 or finds another great knock-off, i need to know!!!! here are some picts of the camille wedge making its way down the chloe spring/summer 2014 runway, a close-up of the original, and the sam edelman knock-off! happy shopping!

p.s. the summer sales have started! more on that later!

chloe camille wedge, $875

chloe camille wedge

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  1. KT says

    Great brief today! I actually feel physically ill that this shoe mishap happened…I am imagining serious show grief. Keep up the great work!

  2. kimpcole says

    Wow! Receiving the wrong item is the worst – even more so when it’s an item you’ve been coveting for months (& have waited weeks for after actually ordering). I’d be suspicious of the mixup too… Great find on the Sam Edelman dupes!


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