run run run away…

if you know me you know that i love to exercise. it’s my thing and some days it is the only thing that keeps me sane. (although people think that i’m crazy for getting up at 4:40 in the morning to hit the gym) so this spring when looking at all of the magazines and catalogs and seeing that athletic shoes were all the rage, i felt somewhat vindicated. see, a lot of days, after being in work clothes all day, all i want to do is shed them when i come home and put on what makes me feel comfortable and to me that’s my running shoes.

i know i’m going against every cardinal rule of someone that loves fashion by admitting that i love my running shoes and if i could get away with wearing them to work i might be tempted (might). but now i can throw on my running shoes with my sassiest jean outfit and feel somewhat hip. but i don’t wear just my everyday running shoes i’m going bright. my favorites are the nike id. i love these shoes. you can design them any way you want and make them uniquely yours…now i have to say that my family gets a little tired of me coming home from work and putting on my “uniform” which includes my running shoes so i’m working on finding an alternative so stay tuned…





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