Let’s get physical

so you know from the other day, i’m an exercise fiend which is why i love running shoes as fashion wear and why also i was keen to see in all the mags gym shorts to wear outside the gym.

perfect; you mean i can wear gym shorts and running shoes and still be fashionable? uh no…as we’ve stated before a little goes a long way and don’t combine too many trends.

so the gym short, a couple of thoughts… first order a size bigger than you normally wear. you don’t want to look like you work at hooters and second make sure you’re not wearing your true gym shorts and trying to pass them off as fashion and finally pair your gym shorts with a sassy wedge or heel.

the key is that you want people to know that you are following the fashion trends and not that you were going for a run and instead decided to go out for drinks at the last minute. but the most important thing to remember is to have fun and just go for it because isn’t that what a trend is all about.




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