skinny summer cocktail

i have reached an age where getting good sleep, keeping a reign on calories and carbs, and keeping my metabolism high are really, really high on the daily priority list. so, most of the year, the cocktail, being the very antithesis, gets jettisoned.

but when the weather gets warm and the days get long, i really crave a nice, light cocktail to sip on the patio in the evening. i’ve been in the market for something tasty and low cal that won’t disturb my sleep cycles. also, I really need to have a second drink without feeling guilty. . . at all.

you still with me?

so, a couple of years ago a good friend introduced me to skinnygirl margarita. frankly, i found it both bland AND potent (that doesn’t seem possible). but the low cal base was really on to something. i’ve been tinkering with it and i think i finally struck gold. cutting it with lemon flavored lacroix extended the enjoyment to two drinks without adding cals and also brightened the flavor a bit. it also diluted the flavor. adding a healthy squeeze of lime somehow brings it all together. promise. and voilà – refreshing, light, tasty, low carb, and guilt free.

the recipe follows the pict. but i need to know, do you have a skinny summer cocktail you want to share???


caroline’s skinny summer cocktail recipe

fill highball glass with ice. pour skinnygirl margarita to fill glass halfway. fill the remaining half with lemon flavored lacroix. squeeze in a good size wedge of lime juice (about 1/4 lime). stir. ahhhhh . . . summer! enjoy!


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