sometimes you just need a boyfriend

so this week, caroline posted about the perfect blues which we all need. but as we all know there are lots of jeans for us depending on the mood we are in and if you haven’t been on the hunt for the perfect jean then you are just lying.

at some time or another we are looking for that perfect jean. of course, the perfect jean is always relative. i, for one, love the boyfriend jean. you know, sometimes you want to go eat a lot of mexican food but can’t wear your skinny jeans because you will bust a button after eating all those chips. try the boyfriend jean. they are very forgiving and yet still fashionable. you can eat all the mexican, chinese, italian food you want, whatever but got room for your waistband to expand.

but here come the rules. boyfriend jeans can look a little sloppy if you’re not careful. you need a tailored top. don’t wear a loose t-shirt and boyfriend jean, it won’t come off as neat. next, pair your boyfriend jeans with a pretty pair of heels, no running shoes (i know even i have to get out of my comfort zone) finally stand up straight. when you wear a loose fit on the bottom you should stand up tall and proud and you will look tres chic…




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