have i mentioned that i am obsessed – OBSESSED – with the netflix series Orange Is The New Black? i don’t have much time for tv these days, so it needs to be good whenever i do sit down to watch. as you might have guessed, i am student of style and fashion (and, okay, yes, celebrities — but i really don’t like to admit that). so, when I tell you that a female prison drama/comedy, that offers exactly nothing in the way of visual stimulation, fashion, style, or celebrity, is the best thing on tv, there has to be something to it, if only because it is sooooooooo outside my wheelhouse.

season two of #OITNB drops today, june 6, and i am giddy with excitement!!! my heart almost stopped beating at the close of the season one finale. pennsatucky? the s.h.u.? i . . . am . . . dying!!!!


the trailer is below. for those who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy!!


tell us what you think!!!