what i wear when the sun goes down

the victoria secret’s catalog gives me the heeby jeebys, especially on those days when i’m not so in love my my body. you know the cover of the catalog just screams at you to put down that chocolate chip cookie. so why am i blogging about their pjs? good question; because they are really comfortable. seriously, i’m not lying. plus i can tell my husband that i bought something from victoria secret’s without feeling the package should come in a plain brown box.

i love wearing these satin pjs at night. they are my answer to what to wear to sleep during the summer months without worrying that if the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and i’m running out in the street what the neighbors will say. go ahead and try them. they’re on sale and i think you will love them. ps order a larger size than normal unless you are a victoria secret’s model

victoria's secret after hourse satin box pj

victoria’s secret after hourse satin box pj, originally $55, on sale for $48

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