the perfect cami

ok i’m always wearing a cami under my shirt, sweater, or dress. to me, i feel naked without one. it provides a certain amount of comfort like a security blanket. so my cami has to be soft, it can’t be too high up the chest, and finally it can’t be distracting to the top that i’m wearing. in other words, my cami has a lot of criteria and i demand a lot out of it.
so where do i find my perfect cami, the gap. i know…the gap? yes!

i found that the gap camis are loose enough that they don’t stick to my skin in the hot summer months but are close enough to my chest that it doesn’t look like that i’m wearing a lot of padding. so why don’t you give it a try. let me know, did you like it? do you have a cami that you like?

tell us what you think!!!