kors resort 2015

last week, michael kors released his 2015 resort collection.  formerly marketed by “upscale” stores and designers to only very affluent customers heading to warm-weather climates for a little vacay in the post-christmas/new year’s weeks, the “resort” collection — also known as the “cruise” collection — is now held by most designers to be the most important collection of the year given the time it occupies the retail floor – almost two-thirds of the year.  now marketed to the mainstream (though, especially to those who live year-round in warm climates), resort wear staples are as varied as the destinations of its purchasers — from the slopes to the beaches, and everything in between. but, the timing of the release (smack between the summer and fall collections) offers a glimpse of those items from the fall collections (released in february each year) that have real staying power and gives a hint of what we will see in the summer collections (released in september).

kors’ collection was delightful and provided some summer inspo just as the bloom falls off the seasonal rose, so to speak, and we begin to pick through our closets or the summer sale racks looking for some inspiration.  here are some of my favorites to help you land that perfect summer vibe. . .




this is a total rockstar look if you ask me.  pastels, which dominated the spring 2014 runways, are back again. . .


this is my favorite look of the collection. perfection!  lace, too, is making a repeat performance from the spring collections.


i actually think that is outfit would be super chic for the day-to-day ins and outs of saturdays and weekdays on the go. or for a day trip to the market in punta cana over christmas . . .


“i had a farm in africa. . . ” did you just flashback to the isak dennison/karen blixen-inspired styles of the mid-eighties?? it’s still a good look. it’s a good call to have ditched the lace up booties, though


a baja hoodie for evening?  of course.  and it looks super chic!


a super practical approach to fashion . . . a fur lined field jacket, like we all have . . . #normcore at it’s hardest


no one could EVER pull this look off but is KILLS me how cool it is!!!! and the pink is perfection . . .


this is kors at his best . . . note that he, too,  has gotten on the birk bandwagon . . . america must have demanded it . . .


a little birdie told be the bootleg is back. . . lavender, bootleg, space-age tie-dyed bootlegs? #whoa


this look got the most press, because the satin, mink-lined field jacket is just more luxury than one can bear . . . true enough, but the ensemble underneath is underwhelming. . .

tell us what you think!!!