to color is the question of the day

cusp -colored -denim-on sale-165

cusp -colored -denim-on sale-165

colored jeans, yea or nay. i’ve got very mixed feelings about colored jeans. caroline and i were talking the other day as we treaded the miles on the elipitical  about we will see something on a manequin but when we try it on, not so much. that is how i feel about colored jeans. i will see it in the store, bring it home and then they never leave my closet. and who thought of skinny colored jeans? i want to try new things and i know the same ol jeans can get a little boring so i’m going to try and tackle the colored denim. it took some trial and error for me to find the perfect white tshirt but i eventually found one and i can find the perfect colored denim with the same determination.  here are some that i’m thinking of trying. these from nordstrom (and they are on sale) these from piperlime and these from neiman marcus (and they are on sale too)

some of my observations…first the pale colored denim i don’t think that is very flattering, unless maybe if it is a boot cut or a boyfriend cut, second be careful of the skinny colored jean, sometimes it looks unnatural on women.

i’ll  keep you updated on my search for that perfect pair of colored denim.


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