i just needed to accomplish something…

have you ever had those days when your “to do” list just never gets done or you have the best intentions to get that project completed but something just prevents you from finishing it. i had those days last week. i felt like every time i sat down to finish some task that has been sitting on my desk, something prevented me, the phone ringing, some one coming into my office, another fire that needed my immediate attention. i was frustrated.

i’m really bad about that. instead of looking at everything i did get done, i focus on the things i didn’t. (kind of like looking in the mirror and seeing all your flaws and not paying any attention to the good parts) so what do i do? i decided to get my hands dirty. i saw this project in southern living magazine and decided this would be just the thing to cure my “i can’t get my to do list done” syndrome. it was easy enough so i wouldn’t feel even more overwhelmed but added something that i’ve been wanting.

twenty minutes later i was done. i think my herb garden looks pretty cool. it is right outside my kitchen door so all i have to do is take three steps from my stove and grab some herbs to make whatever is on the stove or in the oven even better.



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