the first days of summer

Summer time funwell, it was officially summer on saturday; the longest day of the year and when it is supposed to be hot. i always laughed when the meteorologist said it was the first day of the summer; really? then why has it been hotter as all get out for the last few months. but after the winter we had (even here in alabama) you won’t hear me complain about the heat (at least not yet)

i love summer. i love the food. i love the drinks. i love how everyone who has been hibernating all winter is finally coming outside. of course, i love the fashion. time to put away the blacks and the grays and bring out the bright colors. i always thought it was appropriate that we wear such dark colors in the winter because it matches our mood but in the summertime when the sun is out, the days are longer, just seems like there is more to celebrate. see above. this is a picture of some of my friends that embodies everything summer, bright colors, a little tan and just being outside enjoying all there is to offer.


enjoy, before you know it, our meteorologist will be telling us to put up the tank tops and shorts and bring out the parka.


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