did you forget something?

recently in vogue i saw an article about the single statement earring. i have to admit that i was intrigued but could i pull it off. i’m not sure that i’m that cool to pull it off but i love the idea of wearing one chunky earring to a party (this is not a work outfit people!) which i know would lead to lots of conversation. but would the conversation circle around to “hey did you forget something? we are so busy that is certainly possible that could happen. or would people just think you meant to wear only one earring and ask you how did you decide to do that.

if you are going to wear one earring, you need to go big, i mean really big. if you wear a dainty earring then you will be answering all night to the question, “did you forget something?

one of the plus sides of wearing one big earring is if one ear lobe gets tired, then just switch to the other ear, hairstyle depending. so that leads me to how should you wear your hair. two thoughts, first if you are feeling bold, wear your hair in a low bun, and wear the statement earring with your head held high. the second way is to wear your hair down with it pulled to the side. if you need to change the earring to the other ear then just pull the hair over.

one last thought, sometimes it isn’t about how cool you are to pull off a look, just a little self confidence which any one of us can pull off






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