yo, sporto!

based on the popularity of lulu lemon, and the size and number of stores that have popped up in the past five years, it’s a pretty good bet that you, like me, spend a good amount of time during the week in work-out attire.  where martha and i live, it seems almost like an addiction — er’body wears them some work clothes er’where!   despite the amount of time i spend in work-out clothes, i have a very small collection of functional pieces and most of those pieces have seen their better day . . . what?  i just end up spending my money on other things  . . . like clothes that i don’t wear as much as my work-out clothes . . . .  at some point this has got to change.

lucky for us a couple of heavy hitters are entering the arena and there are some white hot options!!!  net-a-porter.com just launched net-a-sporter.com, which has an enormous platform of options — from sports to designers . . . . seriously, anything you could be looking for to keep you looking fly at the gym or starbucks on saturday is covered!  also, one of my new favorite designers, emerson fry, has launched an activewear line that is fabulous!!!  i need a gift certificate for my next gift receiving event!!  (hint! hint!)  below, i have teased out a couple of my favorites!!




emerson fry element crew, $128, yoga capri, $158, and unisex surf short, $128. i am totally diggin’ this look, top to bottom. white capris are ordinarily a non-starter for me, but i think they look great with the navy shorts which would hide all of my “tough” spots (or what i like to call my “T&A” – thighs and a**!!)



emerson fry sun racerback set of two, $138. i get so tired of black . . . this graphite/navy hits the perfect note of dark and classic. well done!


bodyism lily stretch sportsbra, $80. i love the cut of this bra — certainly should avoid the uni-boob and it promises to accommodate high-intensity work-outs. of all things, my sportsbra needs freshening up! and often!


bodyism “I am shiny” paneled stretch jersey leggings, $145 at net-a-sporter.com. these are totally fly — i love the idea of mixing it up a little!


nike roshe run mesh sneakers, $85 at net-a-sporter.com. bright colorful sneaks are the only sneakers to have these days and i love the orange/pink/yellow color combo . . . very summer . . .


this desert sands cotton terry top by splendid is perfect to throw on after a workout. i am absolutely crazy for it! $105 at net-a-sporter.com


for all you media addicts, the jawbone UP24 bluetooth activity tracking band will help you keep track in style! $150 at net-a-sporter.com

tell us what you think!!!