open to kimono????

if i had to pin my body type to a celebrity, i’d probably say britney spears — the later years.  i’d love to report it’s cameron diaz or even miley cyrus but . . . although i exercise, stay in shape, and watch what i eat, i think you can tell by looking at me, like britney, that i fall prey a bakery treat now and then and never look like i have starved myself.  “healthy” my mom might call it. . . .  so, i am always (read: ALWAYS) on the lookout for a flattering silhouette — something to make me feel lithe, whether or not it is a reality.  if i FEEL more slender, then i see green lights all day.

enter the kimono. . . . asian ladies got this one figured out a while ago.  with the cinched waist and the butterfly sleeves, the kimono jacket or dress is an odds on favorite to make you look and feel like you are 5 lbs lighter.   mango just released their premium line fall and there are two fabulous looking kimono jackets that will be perfect for now and perfect for fall.  throw either on now with a pair of black slacks, bermuda shorts or mini skirt and some great slides for a fun summer look.  then pair them this fall with black wool separates.  for a really super fly look, pair the white kimono with a white midi skirt and booties like phoebe philo showed in the celine fall 2014 show or kind of like clare waight keller did at chloe.  srsly,  you should be open to the kimono . . .




back view with slacks . . .


a celine runway look with a kimono-esque jacket


chloe fall 2014 runway


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