the mockingbird next door

growing up in alabama, to kill a mockingbird was requisite reading. i’ll never forget the first time i read this timeless novel and being captivated by the history surrounding the story, the town and the characters.  growing up in a family full of lawyers i felt a special kinship with atticus as i imagined my dad arguing to a jury like gregory peck did in the movie adaptation. (my dad and i will  tell you that arguing in front of a jury is nothing like that but i digress) i’ve read the book many more times and i learn something new each time. also i’ve read the stories that that lee actually didn’t write the book but her childhood friend, truman capote.

last night my friend Jenna and i went to hear author marja mills talk about her book the mockingbird next door which is about her time spent with harper and alice lee in monroeville, al. the book is not without controversy. however, we found ms. mills to be charming and full of stories that bring harper “nelle” lee to life; to someone that you could drink a cup coffee with and discuss the latest going ons in monroeville or the world. i can’t comment on the book but just the time listening to ms. mills i can’t wait to read more. i learned that the book will enter the new york times best seller list at number four which means that more than one person liked it.

ps. let me give a shoutout to the alabama booksmith. if you are fortunate to live in birmingham you must go check out this store. jake reiss, the owner, only carries signed copies of books and was instrumental in bringing ms. mills to birmingham, not to mention many other authors over the years. if you don’t live in birmingham go check out their website. my friend jenna turned me on to the booksmith many years ago and i’ve been a fan ever since.



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