Bravo bravo

i admit i love to watch bravo.  i know the station first gained popularity with the real housewives of wherever but i’m more addicted to the food shows like top chef and million dollar listings of some fabulous city and then, who can turn the knob when jeff lewis is telling is how it is his way or the highway?

tonight at 9 cst/10est there is a new show on. . . jersey belle that was filmed in our little town.  on saturday night i went to the premiere part and it was kind of surreal to see televised all the places where we shop and eat.  here in town, it has gotten mixed press.  some don’t like it because we love this town and don’t want outsiders criticizing us.  i take it for what i think the producers meant: a show about friendships and how we all are struggling with something but those relationships can help us through the tough times and even maybe make us laugh (at ourselves).

go check it out.  at the very least you will see this city that we call home and if you don’t like it turn the channel; that is what is nice about having a million channels on tv these days.



jersey belles red carpet

a picture from the red carpet of the jersey belle premiere party saturday night here in birmingham . . .

jersey belles bravo pic

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