i love a name…

do yall remember when caroline posted about her monogrammed necklaces. i loved it. i thought how cool to literally have your children close to your heart. but the price point kind of chased me away. but not to be deterred, i went on a search for something similar but a little less expensive. and…i found it.

check out this bracelet. it has my daughter’s name engraved in it. i wear it by itself or with other bracelets like this and ta da the price….$55.00 yep, you read that right. what a great price. i know, can you believe it? i had to ask the ladies at etc if i heard them right.

so if you live here in birmingham go see for yourself, if not they will be happy to take your order over the phone. i’ll be honest, i’ve ordered a couple more and at this price point you can do it without feeling guilty. i also see a few christmas gifts in the horizon.



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