go far with goyar(d). . .

do you find that you assign everyone a “cool” quotient on a scale from “totally uncool” all the way up to “super cool” and, then, the pinnacle, “could not get any cooler” (a really tough category to crack, since most of us have some room for improvement)? really? it’s just me? margot shaw, editor in chief of flower magazine, is one of the few people that i had placed squarely into the “could not get any cooler” category. that was until the other day. i ran into margot in the atlanta airport where she was returning from a flower show in east hampton. and she was carrying not one but two (TWO!!!!!) emerald green goyard tote bags. mind. blown. and just like that, someone who really could not get any cooler just got a little cooler. . . i really did not think the laws of physics allowed for two goyard totes . . . .

wait, back it up.

so, the house of goyard was established in paris in 1792 (just after the french revolution) and catered to the aristocracy’s need for folding implements (you read that right) and eventually worked their way into making trunks and bags. goyard luggage is characterized by a chevron coated cloth made of hemp, linen, and cotton available in a crayola rainbow of colorways. goyard also offers hand-painted personalization with a multitude of options. while there are certainly those demigods about that buy their trunks and luggage in sets, most days, if you run across goyard, it is going to be the “saint louis” tote bag.

huddle up. here’s the deal. the saint louis totes are great looking and timeless, yes. but what makes them phenomenal is the combination of those elements with extreme practicality. unlike most other durable tote bags in the world, this bag is as light as a feather, waterproof, completely pliable and indestructible. you can fold it, roll it, stuff it, crumple it, crush it, set it down on the rainy ground, spill your water in it, and on and on, over and over and you just cannot destroy it. that means it is the perfect beach bag, the perfect diaper bag, the perfect extra bag to pack in your suitcase on vacations for toting home your unexpected finds, the perfect carry-on bag for your iPad, purse, and travel reading. the list goes on. and just carrying it makes you look 10x chicer. word.

and while the price point is going to make you choke, the truth is, this is a forever bag. this is a bag you can throw your majiang set into when you head to the game room at del boca vista, phase II, retirement community. this is a bag your daughters will fight over when you are dead and gone. this is a bag you will always use and need and it will never go out of style. so instead of investing in a bag that is sure to be out of style within the next 5 years, this year consider grabbing a super chic saint louis tote in your favorite color.

below, i have hooked you up with celebs looking super chic with their saint louis totes and some pics of girls keeping it real in the streets.



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kate moss and daughter lila


hilary duff


reese witherspoon


gwyneth paltrow


kate, again


nicky hilton


have i mentioned that kate moss has a goyard saint louis tote?


leanne rimes


shania twain


gwyneth, again


cameron diaz in

    what happens in vegas


doutzen kroes




can you even imagine two of these? the peak of chic . . .





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    Caroline you just sealed the deal for me. I’ve wanted one for a while but the next time I’m in New York I’m biting the bullet and getting one.

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