a shoe in . . .

i’m ready to call THE shoe for fall . . .  it’s early yet with the september issues having just hit the stands over the weekend.  and, we haven’t really seen the merchandise in the stores yet (at least not here in alabama).  i get this is like calling the miss america pagent before we have even seen Miss Texas.  but, still.  i can spot a winner a mile away. . . ladies and gentlemen, here she is . . . .

. . . the céline spazzolato padded wedge sandal.   did you just whence and say, “are you kidding me?” out loud to yourself?  ha!  totally NOT kidding about this.  this shoe is going to be the cinderella story . . . it’s going to grow on you so bad that, come december, you will be scratching around trying to find a pair like this in your size and cussing my name under your breath. . . .   some of you probably just cheered inside . . . some of you probably just said “the hell I will.”  either way, get ready for it . . . .

to help with the adjustment, i’ve hooked you up with some céline runway shots to help you deconstruct to look. enjoy!



céline fall 2014 runway, look 17


céline fall 2014 runway, look 23


céline fall 2014 runway, look 31



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