le chapeau

imageso to continue my theme on transition pieces. let’s talk about the hat. in the summertime it is all about the straw fedora but in the fall and winter we move to the wool. but when it is hotter than you know what, a fall hat is another way to transition into a new season without sweating your bootie off.

last week, i had to travel to atlanta for work so swung into one of my favorite stores, swank atlanta, and found this fabulous hat.

janessa leone is a Los Angeles designer whose goal is for her hats to be passed onto to the next generation, hence the picture of my daughter rocking it out. plus she suggests that her hats get better with each use as the more you wear them the better they fit.

right now i plan on throwing it on with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. when cooler weather arrives, i plan on throwing the same pair of jeans with my new coat (see caroline’s post) and this janessa leone. it is all about multitasking.




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