brand news . . . emerson fry

increasingly, one of my most favorite brands is one by emerson fry that bears her own name.  i first posted here about her activewear line a couple of months ago.  last week, she posted her 2014 fall collection and i am blown away!  yes, please!  i’ll take one of everything!

emerson fry really incapsulates the “less is more” aesthetic that i have grown into.  so, the lines are modern and hip, for sure, but the quality and pricing are what really have a stranglehold on me.  the pricepoint is squarely “affordable luxury” and the quality is on a whole. other. level.  below, i have hooked you up with my absolute faves of the season, but be sure to check the full collection out on-line.  i’m guessing you will love it as much as i do.



drop shoulder coat in jet, $475; d’orsay heal, $345. this coat had me at hello-perf lines and length for layering. so modern. and the shoe-omg-srsly, it kills me how gorgeous it is!


tailored coat in fawn, $475. how to look stunning while you aren’t even trying? this is it.


big cable turleneck sweater in argento, $378. this is THE year of the sweater. don’t believe me? pick up any magazine anywhere and start counting. big. huge. and this one, THIS ONE, is awesome!


cuff sleeve dress in jet, $248. this is the perfect everything for fall. great for everyday ins and outs paired with pants or jeans, boots or booties and for dressier occasions pair it with heels (or cage sandals?) and a chic coat.  this one is a no brainer.



drop sleeve wild silk wool shirt, $228. so, not only is this a wool-silk blend which is so durable but it looks phenominal. . . .what would i not wear this with? still thinking.


frenchie pant in iron, $228; cobra embossed emerson slides, $228. let’s talk about these shoes. they totally rock. copy, that.


stud belt in jet, $118. i will confess, this is the very first thing that i ordered, because i knew it would be back-ordered.  everyone needs this belt in their closet. because you just do.


variegated tweed overcoat, $548; big knit scarf in iron, $198. seriously, this is THE look for fall. while i am not sure that i can roll with the scarf, ask me again in february. we all heard the news about the farmers almanac.  but this tweed coat is the word.



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