gianni chiarini… who?



a new season not only calls for a refresher in the clothing area but also the accessories department. i don’t know if you are like me but it is hard for me to change out my handbag. for one, all the stuff ie crap i carry can be a real pain in the you know what to switch from one handbag to another. also my handbag is like a great pair of jeans; once it has been broken in it is hard to make a change no matter how funky it has gotten

but i was with a friend this weekend that may have just changed my mind and propelled me to buy a new handbag. she had this fabulous purse that was different than anything that i’ve seen but so classic that you can carry it for  years to come.

founded in florence, italy GUM Gianni Chiarini design is appreciated all over the world for its style. it is a relatively new brand here in the states. with a renowned italian craftsmanship, Gianni Chiarini designs, manufactures and distributes highly desirable products using entirely gum. say what? gum?!  but i’m telling you this fine italian craftmanship is something to behold.

now, i’m not going to lie, it is an investment; not how am i going to pay the mortgage but not something you want to fling on the floor either. also it is not the easiest bag to find. locally, here in alabama it can be found at gus mayer, an upscale boutique.

this handbag, i think, is going to be the one that makes me dump everything out of my old bag. happy fall





gum gianni chiarini handbag


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