#nyfw recap3 . . .

fashion week, like science, can’t be stopped. you can’t stop it. it just keeps on coming. rest easy – we are here to break it down into bite-size pieces. what do we need to know about spring 2015? it’s too early still to be precise, but I am guessing: (1) stripes, (2) volume, (3) braids, (4) longer skirts, (5) slit skirts, (6) orange, (7) aqua, (8) navy, and (9) practical shoe. below, i’ve hooked you up with my fave’o’fave. you can thank me later.


seventies love . . . derek lam


while others have toyed with interpretations of the ’70s, derek lam made his fascination explicit with his spring 2015 collection. and let’s get something straight – his take is delightful. the pieces remain feminine and elegant, with clean lines and a casual coolness. i just can’t get enough of this cool chick. love the styling head to toe. have i mentioned that stripes are big for spring?


do you see what i see? the shoe that looks like the celine spazzalato wedge? that’s right. she’s baa-aack. btws, does this gal not toally rock?? love this collection!!


dkny . . . stripes, braids, volume . . .


this collection really did nothing for me but i thought it was worth posting so that you can get a visual on the stripes, braids, and volume trend. . .

thakoon . . .


thakoon put together a really lovely collection. this look epitomises casual sophistication. i love the light volume in the pant leg and the play of textures and prints. well done.


did i mention stripes are big on the spring runways? i am so done with stripes . . .

dvf . . . moving beyond “reliable work clothes” . . .


if you have caught any press about #nyfw, you have probably seen something about naomi campbell and kendall (f/k/a kendall jenner) walking for dvf. but, the best looks were not necessarily reserved for those two headliners, imo. i am partial to this look, stripes and all. have i mentioned that this collection was not a reference to the dvf hallmark of reliable work attire. it was heavy on the babydoll/kitten look. diane is definetely providing a contrast to the chloe/celine modern woman and volume movement. but dvf has never been about being a lemming.

nanette lepore . . . baby’s back in town . . .


oh, snap! nanette has got a new game. loving her lighter, airier look. she chose a good stripe in the season of stripes and her volume is good volume. two thumbs up!


here we see the pale aqua that nonoo showed a couple of days ago. i am a huge fan of the color and of this look. love!

brandon sun . . . brand to watch


brandon sun is a new designer just getting started. his collection makes me hungry for more and asking myself what he did last season that might be hitting the racks for fall. the color combos were fresh and the cut is sublime. get it girl!


it’s not just that this chick has legs for days. this is a fab take on lbd. love the slit.



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