if i could…

i would wear nike shorts and running shoes everyday to work. alas my work requires me to wear a suit and heels most days so when the day ends, all i want to do is get comfortable. so i’ve been on the hunt lately for something that i could throw on after work and still look somewhat stylish. this week, at the suggestion of a friend, i went and checked out athleta and found these pants.

athleta city jogger pant

athleta city jogger pant


now let me tell you why i like them. first, they’re comfortable, i mean really comfortable, like it’s hard for me to take them off. second, the pants fit true to size. i can’t tell you how frustrated i get when i go into some athletic wear stores and i’m trying on pants in my normal size and i can’t get one leg through. ugh! the city jogger pant found at the athleta store is my answer. in this picture i’m wearing them with these nike shoes and and a plain white t-shirt both found at jcrew

i can also change it up with a pair of booties and a sweater and take it out to dinner and a movie because please know that i’m not advocating wearing exercise clothes out except to exercise on a regular basis. but let’s face it we all need an outfit that we can literally run out the door without throwing on a pair of heels.





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    Not sure if Old navy is your style, but I have been thinking about these joggers from there..Totally casual with a T and Tennis. But with the tuxedo stripe, I think you could easily throw on a blazer and a cute shoe and transform it…probably for a fraction of Athleta’s price. I would imagine Athleta’s would way softer? Never worn the stuff, but it’s all under the Gap umbrella, so who knows?!

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