#obsessed. . . the slit skirt

last week, when i was all “#nyfw” and reviewing the spring 2015 collections, i developed a slight obsession with the slit skirt and her cousin, the wrap skirt with the side slit. #nyfw recap2 was full of slit skirts; in #nyfw recap3, i ended with a pic of brandun sun’s lbd with a high side slit; and admonished in #nyfw recap wrap up that we would all be wearing them come spring. problem is that, literally, i can. not. wait. and, i was having trouble finding one in the “affordable brand” genre that i love. then, i notice that there was one in the altuzarra for target collection. so i did what we do in this sitch — i dashed out to target last night, grabbed one from the altuzarra for target collection, wore it today. L.O.V.E.!!!!!

i did not post about altuzarra for target because it was impossible to miss the ads (so odds were that you already knew about it) and also i have become disillusioned with the the target/designer joint ventures because the quality had gotten to be a big womp. womp. womp.

but then i was not able to find easy access to the slit skirt and i AM crazy for altuzarra . . .

so, here’s the skinny. y’all know that i am not the girl with the great legs. that is just not me now and has never been. (god bless my grandmother trapp for having solid legs. they have been a “work around” my whole life.). so, i felt like the slit skirt could break either way. if the slit plays up the beefy factor, i am out – o.u.t. – no questions asked.

i am pleased to report that this slit skirt thing is a real gem. having the slit on the front side of the leg creates a long line for the eye to travel. it gives the impression of long thin legs without actually revealing a full leg. brilliant!!

so, at $35 — this baby won’t last long. the quality is better than $35 but don’t be thinking this skirt is going to read like $350. also, i just noticed today that jcrew posted two great wool side zipper skirt options in three perfect hues and a houndstooth for fall that i am way considering.

and, because i love you (and i seriously do!), i have hooked you up with some street style picts to help you take your slit skirt look to the streets. good luck!








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