exercise comes at a price

yall know that i love to excercise. i think in my former life i was jane fonda but with exercise comes a price and my feet have paid that price. honestly, i look forward to the cooler months when i can hide my feet in my booties. so why am i talking about this now. well, for one, even during the colder months you will wear open toes shoes of some sort to a party. second, i’ve learned that if i make something a routine then when the need actually arises ie wearing sandals then i’m that much ahead of the game.

let me introduce you to the clarisonic for feet. it has been around a while but i’ve been hesitant to try thinking it was just another gimmick. but i knew that i loved my facial clarisonic so i decided to bite the bullet and i purchased the clarisonic. i love this device. it is incredible. i’m actually mad at myself for not buying it sooner. no more being embarrassed about going to get a pedicure that the person will get carpal tunnel after working on my feet; no more feeling like i should be like mama june and wear socks at the beach.

clarisonic for feet is a game changer. just a few pointers. read the instructions. there is a specific method to use depending on how bad your feet are. second consistency is key. you can’t use it just once and think a miracle is going to happen. but the clarisonic takes less time than a pedicure and for a few minutes a couple nights of week your feet will look and feel fabulous. plus now i have a reason to go by that new nail polish that caroline told us about yesterday and wear it proudly on my toes.

clarisonic for feet

clarisonic for feet

let me end by saying this, i can talk all day about how a pretty jacket or a cool earring will look great but if you don’t take care of yourself then what’s the reason for a new item of clothing.



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