girl crush . . . ms. claiborne . . .


young hollywood and american beauty, by claiborne swanson frank

i was thrilled last week when an un-expected package arrived at my door. at first, i couldn’t think what it could be and then i remembered. . . yay!!!! i had pre-ordered claiborne swanson frank’s newest book, young hollywood, from amazon months ago and it had finally, finally arrived!!!!! the book is amazing and gorgeous and lovely to flip through. claiborne is a photographer with a stylist’s eye and the combination produces some of the most captivating photographs of women, in this case, young starlets in hollywood. you really need this book. . .  or maybe you need to do what i plan on doing . . .  give it to everyone for christmas (can you imagine a world where your christmas shopping was half complete in september??).  click here to order from amazon.

my love of claiborne (i think we would be on a first name basis) runs long and deep.  i first noticed her when her napa valley wedding to James Frank was featured in vogue. . .


claiborne’s family, the swansons, owned the food brand that we are all so familiar with. these days, their focus is on their napa valley vineyards. claiborne’s wedding was in the family’s vineyards and the pictures show it was beyond-words amazing. . .

then, she was featured in’s five days, five looks, one girl.  and everything came to a screeching halt. . . mind.  blown.  now, i am a huge fan of five days, five looks, one girl (my favorite feature of but until claiborne, i had never really found anyone that so completely captivated me.  i would be lying to you if i suggested that i had not tried to knock off everything about every look presented.  how could she be this cool?  seriously . . .





and as if that wasn’t enough, then, elle decor featured her along with her super chic nyc apartment . . . what i love, love, love, is the quiet self-confidence in this apartment. . . given her personal provenance, she could probably have any decorator come and do (or over-do) every tiny detail and every square inch of the apartment. and yet, she did it herself (albeit with advice from her mother-in-law, cynthia frank, who is a very esteemed decorator). and it is clear that she is convinced of her personal style and is staying true to it. in this world of more is more, i just absolutely love her less is more approach. and her willingness to let her personality show through. . .







by this time, i was a little more than obsessed and began slightly stalking her in nyc party pics . . .






so, when her first book came out, american beauty, not only did i have it on pre-order, i gave it to all my friends for christmas. american beauty is a collection of portraits claiborne took of her friends and friends of friends.  and, she had her subjects do their own make-up and wear their own clothes so to capture their true essence.  the cover photo kind of says it all . . . the pictures are beguiling. . . .


claiborne included a self-portrait in each book. and each shows a different side of her true american beauty . . .


claiborne’s self-portrait in american beauty


claiborne’s self-portrait in young hollywood

just last week, one of my favorite blogs,, featured claiborne and her current/elliott blue jean cut-offs.



i think you can see where i cam coming from.




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